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To bring a sparkle to your home


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Housework – Who has time to do it today?

At Total Domestic we specialise only in domestic cleaning which means you have your home cleaned on a regular basis.

All the tedious housework jobs including…

Cleaning your kitchen

In your kitchen:

Cleaning ovens and cooker hoods, greasy deposits, disinfecting sinks, counter tops, painted surfaces, inside cupboards, dishwasher, fridge and freezer, floors, waste bins, microwave and appliances, chairs and tables.

cleaning your house

Around your house:

Dusting, vacuuming, removing cobwebs, cleaning light fitting, mirrors, picture frames, window sills, blinds, ornaments, polishing woodwork and floors, under furniture, under upholstery seats cushions, around light switches, finger marks and grime areas, louvered doors, stairs, clean and skirting boards.

Cleaning your bathroom

In your bathrooms:

All surfaces cleaned, tile grouting cleaned, mildew removed, shower doors, toilets cleaned and disinfected. mirrors, cabinets, taps, floor, sinks, surrounds and wall tiles cleaned and polished.

…Let Total Domestic take the hassle out of housework

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