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Domestic Cleaners in Wisbech

Making Wisbech households cleaner for over Fifteen years

An Independent Local House Cleaning Service

“Hi just wanted to say thank you for a fantastic job today – it was so lovely to come home to a gorgeously clean home tonight! Heavenly!

Mrs P Wisbech

“Hi , hope you are well, thanks for all you do, I love coming home on Wednesday’s (when you clean).

Mrs C Wisbech

The full working area of Total Domestic covers all Wisbech with further services available in the small villages of Leverington, Wisbech St Mary, Elm,  Emneth, Friday Bridge, Marshland St James, and West Walton areas. Total Domestic  will make your house look spick and span thanks to the cleaners, many of whom have years of experience in the cleaning sector, giving them comprehensive knowledge of a range of cleaning techniques. The cleaner’s  experience makes it almost certain that they can leave your home without a trace of harmful bacteria left in it, allowing your family to relax in the knowledge that their environment is not only more aesthetically pleasing, but is also much less likely to harbour germs which could cause chronic illness and disrupt your quality of life.

Present day Wisbech has a Character linked to its past and is still a lively Market town. Known as the ‘Capital of the Fens’, its links with the Fens has molded its character. It wealth of first-rate Georgian buildings pay testament of its wealth and importance in the past, much of that wealth coming from the thriving dock and from agriculture.

Sadly modern transport requirements have led to a decline in the importance of the dock, although agriculture continues to be a major driving force in the area’s economy. One of the changes facing the Town at present is the change in population. Fuelled by agricultural demand for seasonal and agency labour, many European citizens have settled in the area, particularly from Latvia, Lithuania and Poland and shops and facilities to cater to these populations have begun to spring up in and around the town.

The 21st Century is likely to bring huge changes to everyone and all towns will need to adjust to these changes to remain vibrant places to reside. The early years of this century have already seen great changes. The increasing threat of climate change, the economic recession starting in 2008/9, changes in population and the continual prompt development of electronic means of communication and doing business are just a few examples. All of these changes will present great challenges and opportunities to us all.

As a rural market town, what consequence will these changes have on Wisbech? Will the regeneration of the Yacht Harbour area bring a new wealth to the town, or will it detract from the traditional shopping areas in the town centre? Will climate change lead to a decline in agriculture in the area?

Typically £10.50 Per Hour (based on 2hrs per week).

Cleaning all sorts of surfaces

PE13 and PE14